Moon Boxes

Well, now that we’re public, the discrimination has begun. If people suspect that our actions or purchases are for the good work of our glorious future lunar kingdom, they have begun a campaign of reluctance or outright refusal, seemingly to break our spirits. The other day I called in a landscaper to do some work outside our meeting hall, where I asked him to straighten out a few bushes, tidy the hedges and make a rock formation that spells out ‘FOR THE GLORY OF THE MOON EMPIRE – BOW, PEASANTS’ when viewed from above. He didn’t much like the idea.

And so on. This comes at quite an inopportune time, seeing as how we need ten-thousand aluminium toolboxes. Melbourne will be emptied of its toolboxes, I tell you, because we need them to hold all of our moon supplies. They need to be good-quality toolboxes, so they can be used as the primary storage method for all possessions from that point forward, and they also provide a decent way of making sure that every citizen will have the same amount of storage space. Equality will be a lynchpin of our kingdom. Every single person, from the lowest, most menial, almost worthless worker drone, to the foremen giving them orders, to the almighty Magisters who carry out the Moon King’s will with iron authority, all the way to the Moon King himself who sits enthroned above the entire Earth and has power over the life and death of every citizen – all equal. It will be beautiful.

It’s quite a large order of toolboxes, though. I hope no one finds out that it’s really for us, even though it may be for a benign purpose of forcing people to cram their entire lives into a small box.

Should be fine. The toolbox central locking is, of course, reserved for the more important people in our new, egalitarian society. They’ll be carrying things of great import, artefacts and the like. Records, tax statements…you know, it doesn’t matter. Everything is fine.

-Brother Rupert