2D Animation Magic

So I just got my videos back from the post production company that I chose to do my video editing! I am absolutely stoked. The videos turned out better than I could have imagined, and helped make me look so talented. A month ago, I thought my raw footage was beautiful, but the final product is ten times better than the original. 

It turns out the people I chose to do the video editing are also a 2D animation company and they added tiny touches of animation to my footage. I didn’t even think of this as an option when I was filming, but it made the videos so much better! The animation just added this layer of expertise that my footage needed, and really helped to tell the story that I wanted to tell. It just goes to show that you should leave some things to the experts. I really wouldn’t have done my footage justice if I had edited it myself.

Seeing as these are the first two short films I’ve ever made, I asked for some feedback from the video production specialists. Melbourne, as pretty much everyone in the country knows, is the art capital of Australia. As these people probably live and breathe video production in such an arty capital city, I thought they’d be good people to ask. I was right and it turns out they have seen almost every type of footage known to man. They gave me honest feedback and said that I have talent, but I could learn to use the camera better to produce higher quality content. They said that my eye for visually appealing footage is very clear though. I’m happy with this feedback.

I will most definitely be using this video production company again in the future. I’ve credited them as the editors of my film and they will get the recognition they deserve when my videos (hopefully) win a short film competition.