A Superior Reboot

You know, as much as I like cartoons (which is to say I think it’s easily the greatest art form ever created), not everything it touches turns to gold. It’s a massive industry, after all…there are bound to be a few duds. And other stuff. Everyone knows about My Solar Honey, Goodness! People have varying opinions on it, but I just know that I dropped it after episode 3. WAY too much talking, and I’m honestly not sure the outfits those girls were wearing are appropriate for installing solar panels…in space. You don’t want any skin showing, the whole thing just feels wrong and scientifically inaccurate.

Now Dinky-Dai Animation is revamping the whole show in a massive reboot, and it’s going to be based in a fictional version of Brisbane. Commercial solar systems are going to be done right this time, at least according to interviews with the writing team. They’ve done interviews with companies in Brisbane servicing all sorts of solar power-type-things, they’ve done research, and also talked to a few futurist experts who have a bit to say on the process of launching solar panels into orbit to be manned on space stations that are basically made of solar panels, securing mankind’s energy future at the cost of attracting attention from space aliens who want to invade and steal our solar secrets, thus causing a special space force to be created who use solar-powered tech to protect the Earth.

That sentence kind of turned from futurism to sci-fi at some point, but you get the idea. They’re aiming to do things right this time, starting off with the best commercial solar Sydney has on offer. Start with the best now and developing the story from there is the smartest way moving forward. Also, they’re renaming the series to My Solar Action, Oh Yeah!

You know, empowerment and all that.