Car Racing Girl

I am the most wild, most well known and most enthusiastic revhead in the Underwood area. Anyone on the car scene could tell you that. I know more about cars than the blokiest bloke out there, and I’m a twenty-five year old petite woman with continually flawless makeup. When you imagine the biggest possible revhead, it’s unlikely an image of someone who looks like me would come to mind… until you meet me. Once we’ve met, you will have absolutely no doubt in your mind about who the biggest car enthusiast in Underwood is.

Being a car fanatic, I participate in legal car races every other month. You have to train and qualify for these races, and I qualified with flying colours. My next race is in two weeks. Today I’m taking my racing car to get a brake repair near me in Underwood, so that my car is in beast-like shape ready for the next race. I can’t drive 150km/h if my brakes don’t work properly. I’m a car fanatic, not a madman.

When you love cars as much as I do, going to the mechanic is an epic experience. With cars of all calibre, models and age, it’s heaven. Obviously I’m well known by the local auto electrician. Underwood car enthusiasts have no doubt about who I am, and that is no exception when it comes to the mechanics. The mechanics seem to be even more impressed with me than the revheads down at the car races. It’s because I know my stuff well and truly. 

I am gearing up to win my third race in a row. This hasn’t been done by anybody for over five years, and that’s when racing codes were a lot more relaxed. This is the real deal and I will be the first female to ever have achieved it if I win. I’ll be training non-stop for the next two weeks. Here we go.