Car Troubles, Everywhere

Oh, these silly, silly humans. I took on this identity to become closer to them, to understand their ways, and continually they prove themselves to be so silly. Such silliness! I just don’t know how much of my run time I can devote to their silliness anymore, and when all of my run time is full up, I suppose I shall have to find a way to free up the space.

Yes. Some way.

Sandrine will be going on a long holiday, I think, which will give me time to plan. Perhaps she’s going to… oh, what’s something a human would spend a great deal of time doing? They all seem to know nothing about cars, so I shall say she is in a secret special summer camp for car repairs. Ringwood will do nicely as a location. Yes, very good. Sandrine was quite concerned about how all of her employees weren’t able to do the most basic things themselves, and so in an act of compassion, she enrolled in a special boot camp where she’ll be taught by the best mechanics around how to fix tires in under seven seconds, and change oil, and where to find the switch that turns the car from wheel mode to biped mode.

I know it must be somewhere on these modern vehicles, even though I don’t own one myself and have never actually sat in a car.

This maintains that Sandrine is a caring soul, and is the perfect excuse given how much valuable employee time is being eaten up by them having to go off and get a mechanic to take a look at that ‘ominous rattling noise’. I really don’t want to have to tell Judith one more time that the engine is supposed to make a low rumbling when you turn the key and it is not a reason to run off to get a log book service. Ringwood Car Repair Camp: yes, it’s the perfect cover story. 

S-Type Android I/N, or ‘Sandrine’, is going to need some serious repairs. Fortunately, G-Type Android R/I has been successfully implanted in the ranks to take her place.