Career Change Time

You know, sometimes I dig a big old hole in which to sleep and I settle down to have a think. Technically I don’t really sleep, on account of me being a spooky skeleton. I don’t have the usual fatigue or melatonin or any of that, and I actually can’t even close my eyes because I don’t have any. BUT…I rest a bit, and I reflect on a fun day of spooking. I think about how I could spook more efficiently, and sometimes, I think about the person I used to be.

I don’t remember, but I do TRY to remember. If I had to select just one life, I like to think I was single, I owned three rescue dogs and I was a professional at giving student career advice. Melbourne has so many opportunities for higher education, and after that, entering the workforce, and students NEED advice. There just aren’t as many people as there should be to give it to them! I mean, I’m partially assuming. I don’t remember being a student, but I get the feeling that they need guidance, and not enough of them are getting it from a professional career counsellor. 

That was me…career counselling professional, extraordinaire! I was very tall and thin, probably pretty pale, but I DID help students achieve academic success in spades, and then success after that. The jury is out on whether my student career advice involved a lot of spooking, but I’m going to say no, for a couple of reasons. First…I wouldn’t be a good career consultant if I constantly jumped out at students and told them to get jobs on haunted house rides. And second…my working theory is that becoming a spooky skeleton is what gave me my obsession with spooking, from that point onward.

Basically, my basic point is, in a basic sense…if you want career change advice, Melbourne should be a place where you can easily find it. I don’t know why I focused on that career specifically, though. Maybe I was a dog walker? Dogs do love me, although now for different reasons.

-R. McSkulliam