A Simpler Sim

I miss platform games. At some point the world of gaming decided that things would be better in 3D, so the platformer almost entirely died out and now we…have exactly the same amount of fun, except it looks nicer and you can move around in an extra dimension. I’ve always said that video game ‘Over-Botch’ …

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Car Troubles, Everywhere

Oh, these silly, silly humans. I took on this identity to become closer to them, to understand their ways, and continually they prove themselves to be so silly. Such silliness! I just don’t know how much of my run time I can devote to their silliness anymore, and when all of my run time is …

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Worthy of the Road

So, the normal progression of things is to make your car worthy for the road – to make it roadworthy, as it were. They have roadworthy certificates in this place for that exact reason, to ensure that no cars are on the road but are anything less than worthy. I had assumed that this dimension …

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