It’s Too Hot

I often used to wonder whether the weather people would throw around the terms “hottest summer on record”, “hottest day since 1920” and the like just because it sounded dramatic. We’ve had a lot of summers and a lot of days since the history of time, so it seems hard to believe that every single …

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Cool Productivity

Oh, thank the many gods of the Forgotten Lands that my air conditioner has been repaired! Finally, I can return to writing my masterpiece, The Figgle McWiggle Chronicles: Figgle McWiggle and the World’s Largest Block of Ice! It’s book five of my unpublished epic fantasy series, and it’s currently eight hundred and seventy-nine thousand words …

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Poetic Cooling

If 27 years of life have taught me anything, it’s that most poetry sucks. Not all of it; just a vast majority. It’s a way of bending the rules of the English language in a way that obscures meaning, then pretending that makes you deep for some reason. No, you do NOT get artistic props …

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