Home Office Heating

Due to some unforeseen circumstances at my workplace, our entire staff must work from home at least until the end of July. It turns out that there were some structural problems with our building, and it would be a hazard for any of us to be there. My bosses have employed a building company to …

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The Last Bastion

Ugh, Charys… I will have you for my army. Everyone at this filthy peasant school has fallen into line after I bought dims-sims for everyone. Their simple minds were manipulated by the prospect of food, and now I’m everyone’s best friend. But Charys is a sneaky one. She seems to have seen through my scheme …

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Heating Up Beauty

I have been running beauty pageants for ten years and have always put on a splendid show. The girls in our town look forward to my pageant every year, it is the highlight of the social calendar. I hire out the same hall each year to run my show, it’s the most elegant and beautiful …

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