The Transfer Queen

Colleen is just the absolute, complete and total worst. One day she will ascend the slopes of Mount Unbearable, take her place on the Throne of No-Social-Skills, and be crowned the Worst Ever, Queen of All Living People Who Make You Want to Knock Their Teeth Out. If Colleen was in an office, she would …

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Thanks, Donna!

Probably the most inspiring musical lyrics I ever heard were from She Works Hard for the Money by Donna Summer, from her album with the same title. The lyric that really grabbed me was when Donna Summer sang “She works hard for the money…” Yeah, that’d be the main one, although when she followed up …

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The Grand Finale

Now, for the grand finale! The Career Expo always has to end with something dramatic, gorgeous, fluid, informative, and many other wonderful adjectives. After all, we’re the only career expo in the world that features both useful seminars, contortionists, information stalls with leading industry experts, knife throwers, special sessions for university students, fire-breathers, advisers specifically …

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