The Impossible Project

First they’re bringing back Church Park, and now the Keymore Mansion…again. Throwback, much? Also, people have tried like a dozen times to make something of the Keymore Mansion, and they’ve always been scared off, either by the tentacle monster in the basement or the spooky little girl in the red dress. And sometimes the oozing …

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The Mirror Maiden

I’m calling it: Mirror Knight Equestria Pony Princess is going to be THE anime of 2019. I was all into Demon Spayer, which had a great deal of promise depicting a guy using his veterinarian mastery to make it so people’s pet demons didn’t run around the neighbourhood having little demon litters, but MKEPP is …

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Windows On The Bus

It’s always interesting catching the bus at peak hour. ‘Interesting’ is one word for it, anyway. I can think of a few others that are just as descriptive – ‘trying’, ‘taxing’ and ‘boring’, for example. Nobody (myself included) wants to talk or even make eye contact, except a select few who invariably have some neurotic …

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