Date Divide

I’ve been dating this girl who’s pretty cool, although there’s a slight problem, which is that I don’t quite understand what she does for a living. According to her, she works as a buyer for a distributor of cutting-edge health devices. What does that even mean? It’s not that I don’t believe her, it’s just that it makes me feel a bit basic, being a garden variety tax accountant. But I guess that’s on me, not her.

Regardless, it wouldn’t matter as much if it wasn’t for the fact that she seems quite personally invested in it – like, I get the feeling there’s a whole big story to how she came to be in this business. Maybe a childhood illness that held her back from her dreams of playing competitive netball, or the tragic death of a relative who could have been saved through a little-known application of medical technology.

I’m probably getting carried away by my imagination here, and for that reason I’m thinking I should make a bit more of an effort to understand what her whole thing is. I’m sure it’s probably not as dramatic as all that, although if it is, that’d be good to know. It seems like the place to start is by looking up some of the stuff she’s referred to so that I’m a bit better equipped to discuss it.

There’s a thing she’s mentioned a few times now… what was it again? That’s right – portable hyperbaric chambers. Melbourne medical experts, can you help me get my head around this? From what she was saying, I’m gathering that hyperbaric medicine something to do with oxygen in the body, and I’m guessing that these chambers are a method of treatment delivery. What are their applications? Are they always portable? How easy are they to come by in Australia?

Yes, I do realise I could just ask her these questions. That’d be a great way of getting a conversation going, actually. But unfortunately my nervous system doesn’t agree – it doesn’t seem to enjoy being put on the spot with new information.