Emergency Generators, Please

It’s been quite an intense week. 42 hours and 789 lemurs later, I can safely say…we got them all. And you know, I think some valuable lessons were learned in this little incident. We need to get emergency generators installed, for one thing, something that has been on the to-do list for months now. Also, how about we don’t link up our entire security system so that if the power goes down, the locks on the lemur tanks also go down. They’re clever little sneaks and they can tell something is wrong. At the very least, our external fences were made to be lemur-proof, but that still left almost eight-hundred lemurs loose in a fairly large facility, and we needed all hands on deck to get them back.

We needed to call a commercial electrician…yesterday. Actually, not yesterday: we needed a commercial electrician a week ago, or even on the day when the place opened so we can set up some backup generators. We had electricians in, of course, but as per usual it was all about cutting costs and we didn’t ask them about generators. I suppose we didn’t know the new sanctuary was going to be such a big hit, but now we have no excuse. While they’re in, we might as well ask about the source of all these power cuts…I don’t much like the idea of this happening again, even if we DO get backup generators. What if the backups go down and we have to spend almost two days counting lemurs AGAIN? I don’t think I can take that sort of pressure from our investors, all of whom are very much concerned with the lemur’s wellbeing.

Well, no one seems to be concerned with MY well-being, for the record. Although that’ll be improved when I find a really good electrician based in Cheltenham to fix the power. And then, install extra generators, and then…well, I guess there’s that flickering light in the gift shop. Maybe the air filtration system needs a looking at as well. I don’t know, might as well see if we can prevent any disaster in the future!