Fake Stuff

The title for this entry could refer any number of fake things that can be sported on one’s person. Eyebrows? Hair? A cute and wholesome smattering of freckles? Status handbags? Designer velour tracky-daks? Limited edition sneakers? Septum piercings? I could go on indefinitely. So, what’s this about then?

I guess it’s about how the general phenomenon of the ‘fake’ has become part of our sartorial lexicon, to the extent that an item’s fakeness can now be a legitimate feature of it’s design – a ‘statement’, if you will. From what I can make out, it started a while back with a growing awareness of the flood of cult item rip-offs on the market. This was duly followed up by certain cerebral-trash labels embracing and parodying the splashy external labelling that often makes items prone to being faked.

Add a dash of remix culture to this melting pot, and you’ve got a recipe for fakeness itself to become a desirable property – one that reveals a wry self-awareness and sense of savvy while embracing critical commentary on the fashion industry establishment.

In my opinion, you don’t get all this without a side of self-righteous blindspots. Go to town with the ironic faux-Versace bum bags for all I care, but be sure you don’t kid yourself that you’re not just as much a pile of rubbish as everyone else.