Feb ’19

Q: What colours should I invest in this year?



A: Let me ask you a few questions. To start with, do you have your visual faculties intact, including colour perception? I’m going to proceed on the assumption that you do, but if it’s a no then your question may be marginally more legitimate and you might want to consider consulting someone more reputable on the topic. 

Okay, now. What colours do you like the most, and feel look the best on you? Go with those ones, but before you do, be sure you’re not being influenced by some lousy shopping magazine you bought at the supermarket because you’d had a long day and wanted to feel glamorous. Shopping magazines are the worst possible type of magazine to be influenced by. Whatever they say to buy, buy the opposite of that.  

– Jeanette


A: You can invest in colours now? And to think I’ve been sinking my money in crypto all this time. 

– Pickles