Glass Repair Wizardry

Repairing glass is something that, seemingly, should be impossible. Glass is a precious snowflake of an object, and thus once its feelings are hurt (or it’s shattered into many pieces), that should be it. Sweep it up, triple-bag it so it doesn’t do anyone serious harm and get some new windows that aren’t smashed.

And yeah, maybe if you’ve just jumped right through a pane of glass during a high-speed chase and the glass fragments are tiny little things and the window frame is totally bare, then sure. You have a case on your hands for getting a new pane installed. But I’m told that there’s actually a market for glass repair services. Melbourne, who among your populace is responsible for this? I guess they must do it with magic, because I can’t see another way. And don’t even try to tell me that all the glaziers working in Melbourne are secretly wizards, because I already fell for that once and I feel so embarrassed. Joe said there was a wizard where he worked at the ice-cream parlour, and Joe isn’t usually the type to lie about that sort of thing. I went along and it turned out to be just some guy with a long beard and a funny hat, making ice-cream as normal. Man, I wouldn’t expect that behaviour of Joe to begin with, but for him to maintain to this day that he saw the guy casting some sort of ‘ice spell’ when they had a power cut? Too far.

Maybe I should ask Minchkin, the new guy at work who seems to be into all that wizard stuff. We had a bit of a glass smashing incident when Ian set off his bottle rockets inside to celebrate the receptionist’s birthday, hence why we needed our glass repaired. We also had to install a new glass stair balustrade, because the offending fireworks bounced around for a while and left scorch marks. Minchkin muttered something like, “Magic could fix this in a jiffy.” Then he seemed all sheepish before going back to combing his beard. I guess he’s a D&D nerd and doesn’t want anyone to know.