Home Office Heating

Due to some unforeseen circumstances at my workplace, our entire staff must work from home at least until the end of July. It turns out that there were some structural problems with our building, and it would be a hazard for any of us to be there. My bosses have employed a building company to fix all the issues, and hopefully the office will be habitable again by the end of July. Until then, I will be working from home which I’m actually alright with, the only problem is that I don’t have ducted heating. Canberra is freezing in the winter, but because I spend the majority of my time at the office, I’ve been able to survive by keeping warm with a portable heater. However as I am now home 24/7, this heater isn’t cutting it.

I think being so cold is actually hindering my ability to work. I’m a landscape designer, and I draw up multiple plans a week for our clients. I prefer to draw by hand and scan into my computer, but with my hands being so cold all the time, the drawings just aren’t up to scratch.

I’ve discussed this with my boss, and due to working from home protocols, he is going to pay for my heating services. Canberra technicians are great, which means he will be getting value for money, both with my improved work output and with quality heating. This is important to him, obviously, because he’s in the business to make money, not to be a charity. I’m more than happy to accept his charity though, seriously, who doesn’t want free ducted heating? I’m lucky to work in a place that genuinely cares for their employees. If they didn’t, I’d have to continue to freeze every day through winter. I’d probably never even make it back to work because I would have turned into an ice cube. Luckily for my boss and I, I will be thawed and ready to go by July.