Idea Vs Reality

Remember when you were a kid, and you dreamed of having a glossy private office in a skyscraper? You know: the giant mahogany desk, the extravagant decor, and the mid-century couch with marble-topped coffee table for guests. I don’t know who these guests in question were supposed to be, but presumably that were there to do some wheeling and dealing. There may or may not have been a drinks trolley featured in the picture.

Don’t tell me it’s just me who had these flights of fancy. Is it? Well, moving on. My point is that I never got to have that office, and I’m fine with that. I’d probably be a tad embarrassed if I did – it’s a bit much, honestly. What I do have is the sort of grown-up equivalent, by which I mean a space that’s functional, filled with natural light, minimally yet tastefully decorated and highly organised, with unparalleled cable management and concealed storage. 

If I say so myself, it’s an extremely tidy office fitout. Companies around Melbourne tend to be pretty on the ball in this arena, but my office really takes the cake. Nothing is left to chance. For example, there are two hard-backed chairs (nothing worse than someone falling asleep during a meeting) and a filtered water dispenser where my precociously imagined liquor trolley would have been.

Here in Melbourne, commercial office design is a bit like a sport – you’re always in competition. The trick to winning to achieve the sought-after result of your office doing precisely what you want it to do – in other words, sitting there quietly and supporting you in doing your thing, whatever that may be. 

In place of wheeling and dealing, my office houses efficient and crisply professional negotiations that culminate in a proposal to email through details, rather than the signing of a paper contract. See, that probably wouldn’t happen in the ridiculous parlour of my childhood imaginings.