It’s Too Hot

I often used to wonder whether the weather people would throw around the terms “hottest summer on record”, “hottest day since 1920” and the like just because it sounded dramatic. We’ve had a lot of summers and a lot of days since the history of time, so it seems hard to believe that every single summer we have managed to smash the previous record, which always happens to have been smashed and then set the year before. 

It wasn’t until this summer that I understood the true meaning of hottest summer on record. This summer was too hot. No one could function. It saw numerous days over 40 degrees, and even more over 35. People just straight up stopped going outside. I heard people talking one night, when I finally left the house to go grocery shopping about the fact that their air conditioner wasn’t working. Imagine not getting consistent air conditioning maintenance. Melbourne is an extremely hot city in summer and anyone who values their wellbeing should be keeping the air con well maintained as a result. I was seriously dumbfounded. I heard them talking about how they are literally choosing to sit outside in the shade because the insides of their homes are too hot. It’s too hot outside! No one should be exposing themselves to this kind of weather. It’s reckless and dangerous. Completely irresponsible. 

Prior to the start of every summer, I get a service and any necessary aircon repairs. Melbourne technicians are pretty good at keeping costs down and making sure that my air con works. They always tell me how much more expensive it would be if there was something actually wrong with my air con, and how they rarely come across people that look after their air con as well as I do. I pride myself in looking after my belongings, especially when they are so important to my wellbeing. Thank goodness I don’t have to sit in my home and swelter for eight hours a day. I get to sit at home during summer and actually enjoy my time off. I wouldn’t be able to survive without my air conditioner.