June ’19

Q: I need a new jumper for the Melbourne winter. Where’s the best place to buy one?

– Frederic 


A: Frederic, I salute your sensible approach to seasonality – I must say that it’s decidedly unusual to hear questions of this nature in the fashion sphere. I mean… you’re actually planning to be outside? In this weather? Walking to the tram stop and ducking out for a mid-morning chai like some kind of commoner? 

I’m joking. Look, just raid your dad’s closet or something. No one will be able to tell the difference between that and a $700 purchase from Hermes, and it’s just going to get rained on and then get singed when you inevitably attempt to dry it with your hair straightener.

– Jeanette


A: Take up knitting. Ideally, start keeping angora rabbits as well.

– Pickles