Just Fishy Fun

Well, that puts an end to the whole ‘car burning’ thing. It turns out that people from that strange fleet of boating people had been sneaking onto the shore to take out their frustrations on the existence of cars, and simply because cars are not boats.

Yep – it was all just a few angry young people, who’ve probably been indoctrinated into thinking that land-based transport is evil. The police found them all subdued by some mystery person who purportedly jumped over the rooftops. I don’t know; that sounds kind of like something the papers would make up.

I sure hope this doesn’t dampen any enthusiasm for boating. I just shelled out for stainless steel fishing rod holder fitting ahead of the big competition, and I’d hate to think that some land-hating weirdos have made the organisers of the event cancel it due to… sensitivity, or something. Over 71% of the earth is covered in water, so they really shouldn’t be ruining it for everyone.

Ah, maybe that’d be a blessing. I paid for a really nice fishing rod holder, but I doubt that’ll magically gift me with any actual fishing talent. I come dead last every year, but I just like the competition, you know? It’s nice being out there on Cassidy Lake with a huge number of people, all at the top of their game. And me, of course, pretending to be at the top of my game. Adoring fans all sitting on the lakeside reading books or watching Neat-Flicks on their phones. It’s a great atmosphere.

And it gives back to all those marine welding companies Melbourne knows and loves, since they sponsor the event and people go and buy boats, so they can compete again, and the whole cycle is just healthy for the boating industry overall.

I’m basically just a speck in the grand scheme, but I’m happy to be part of it. Marine fabrication here in Melbourne is, like, super happening. That, and boat motors. Also, I guess, vigilante justice… The Trumpeting Moon really does get carried away sometimes.