May ’19

Q: When is the 90s trend going to dry up?

– Nathaniel


A: Well, Nathaniel, that’s a hard question to answer. The easy answer is this: when the last of those who were actually around for that decade dry up. Given that 60 is the new 40 or whatever, we’ve got a good 80 years ahead of until that time. So, in short, roughly around the turn of the next century. If you think that’s ridiculous, consider the fact that many consider the 1920s to still be in fashion, albeit filtered through a lens of nearly 100 years’ retrospect.

My advice? Consider investing in a well-made bumbag branded with the logo of the sportswear company least likely to go out of business on a morally questionable note.

Thanks for you question, Nathaniel, and do try not to lose too much sleep over it.

– Jeanette


A: The 90s will remain a key influence in fashion for as long as someone in the industry can remember the BS (Before Smartphone, or Before Singularity, if you want to be ahead of the curve) times.

– Pickles