Mom Jeans

I know what you’re thinking. Jeans? Even the humble and hardworking denim pant can’t slip unnoticed under the trend radar now? Really?


Yes, really. In fact, jeans are one of the most insidious trend items going. This is on account of their ubiquity, which has led to their garnering reputation for transcending fashion – which, I’m sorry to tell you, is 90% lies.


You want an example? Okay, here’s one. Take the phenomenon of so-called ‘mom jeans’ that’s been a thing in recent times. This is the ultimate, vulgar display of the corruption of antifashion into fashion – and, to make things worse, your mom’s involved. It’s like that time she was so dumb she got hit by a parked car all over again.


Don’t remember that? Probably because your mom, to her credit, hasn’t been caught dead in these unflattering abominations since she was a teenager. Your mom probably wears cropped skinnies. So who’s mom are we talking about?


I know my mom wore her share of baggy, bleached, high-waisted denim dungarees during my early childhood, circa 1989-1996. I could therefore stake a claim to calling these things mom jeans – I mean, if I had so much as a passing inclination to wear or even acknowledge them. I mean, we don’t even say ‘mom’ in Australia. It’s ‘mum’, alright? But ‘mum jeans’ doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?


Point is, the whole ‘mom jeans’ moniker, which clearly originated as youth antifashion, has made its way into the common vernacular to such a degree that you can now buy them under this name on every unethical online boutique worth its salt. Go figure.