New Bathroom Goals

I just hit my long term savings goal. I’m absolutely over the moon. 

I’ve been saving up to get a new bathroom in my home for the last eight years, and today I officially hit the amount that will mean I can afford a high quality bathroom renovation. Melbourne is the home to thousands of talented designers, but I’ve had my eye on one specific designer since I started saving. She creates the most stunning bathrooms, and I can imagine her style going perfectly with the style of my home.

Seeing as I only just hit my savings goal today, I haven’t got any renovation plans set in stone. I didn’t want to dream too big whilst saving, in case I never reached my goal or if I couldn’t afford those designs even after reaching my goal. But now that I’ve got a budget locked in, I can start making plans with the designer that I’m obsessed with. I’m going to give her a call tomorrow and see when she can come and look at my bathroom and come up with the designs. I’m willing to take a day off work for this, so as soon as a date and time work for her, we can get started.

I’m so excited to have a new bathroom. I’m not lying when I say I need an entire bathroom refurbishment. My current bathroom really isn’t up to scratch. I’ve kept it as clean as possible, but because it’s so old, it’s become really run down and has a bit of mould. I’ve been increasingly embarrassed about my bathroom since I started saving for a new one, which was part of my motivation to keep saving.

I’m going to be living in this home for the next twenty or so years, so I deserve to have a fabulous bathroom. I can’t wait to chat to the bathroom designer tomorrow.