No Dome Homes

Truly weird how no one talks about the new underwater society anymore. Well, except for my Great Aunt Ruth, who has a massive gossip circle and seems convinced that we’ll all have our own little glass domes by Christmas. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s what the whole family are getting for Christmas: vouchers for Melbourne outboard motor services, so we’ll all be prepared. That’s what happens when you get an elderly lady with very little in the way of rumour filters, a ton of money from a lucrative divorce and a hint of senility.

Regardless, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Sorry Aunt Ruth, but you’re going to end up being disappointed, you and everyone else who foresaw a great age of undersea faring. I think people are still kinda hung up on that one time when everyone was travelling everywhere in boats. You know, when there were morning traffic jams on the Yarra because everyone was cruising along in their own little speedboat, and there just wasn’t the infrastructure to deal with it. It DID push boating to a more prominent position, and I’d imagine this summer it’s going to be totally gangbusters. For the record, I was jet skiing before it was cool. 

Maybe we can ferry Great Aunt Ruth out into her own little dome, and then we don’t have to put up with her constantly telling us that we need to train to be boat mechanics. Every single time, every single family gathering, she’s going on and on about how she wants us to share one big dome, divided into segments. All the walls will still be clear, however, because families shouldn’t have secrets, and this is the main reason living in glass domes is going to make humanity better.

Well yes, but actually no. I’ve got nothing against boat mechanics, but we’re not all going to retrain because in your few months left of life you’ve been sucked in by a scam. Besides, if ALL the walls were glass, no one would have secrets, family of otherwise.