Over the drains

Either I am seriously missing something or my mum has completely lost it. I just do not get her sometimes. Last night was Bella’s birthday party, and my mum knows that Bella is my best friend, so she said I could stay late and catch a tram home. It’s not a big deal, I do it all the time and I’m basically an adult now anyway so I don’t really get her problem. I got home at like just after 1 am and she is standing there freaking out at me. She couldn’t even walk all the way down the stairs because she was shaking with anger. Turns out she had been up for an hour dealing with a blocked drain. Anyway, Melbourne public transport is super safe though so I literally just don’t get her concern. And what even is the problem with a blocked drain!? Just stick a coat hanger down there! I do it all the time to push my hair down the sink. I guess we had some kind of super blockage and she was really stressed.  She had to call the plumbers to come and look into our drains with some kind of camera and then figure out how to go about fixing it. I think they mentioned something about a drain camera inspection, I’m not entirely sure.

Honestly, it’s not my problem. I just hate when she puts her stresses on me. I’m old enough to go out and get back when I want without having to constantly report to her. How hard can it really be to organise drain unblocking in Melbourne?

It’s not like we live in the middle of nowhere for crying out loud. She was honestly screaming at me telling me she has a hard enough time sorting out the drains and everything else that goes wrong. She doesn’t need the extra stress of worrying about me. I told her she was literally being ridiculous and that I am not a major concern of hers anymore because I am not a child. I stomped upstairs and told her she should just adopt the plumbers so she can worry about them instead of me. I am beyond over living with my parents.