Pack Man

There’s nothing like packing the truck for an adventure to wipe my mind clean of worries. There’s something so soothing about the Tetris-like mindset that the task commands. It puts me into a bit of a trance, really. The ice packs go in the eski, the eski goes in the back left corner, the swag props against the eski, and the angle between them creates the perfect compartment for the camp stove… and so on.

It gets me to thinking about the myriad possibilities presented by aluminium ute canopies. In addition to providing protection from weather, dust and theft, they’d have to open up so many more options for packing and gear storage. I’m feeling that calm, trance-like state coming on now, just thinking about the custom shelving and hanging possibilities, not to mention how cool I think those things look. They look like they mean business, you know.

I reckon I could afford to get a half canopy made; it’s just a matter of finding the time to follow it up. It’s not like I use my ute for commercial purposes, so there’s not that strong of an impetus to prioritise it. In the end, I always seem to spend the money I have set aside for ute upgrades on camping equipment. There’s something to be said for that, as long as it doesn’t end up getting stolen out of my uncovered ute tray. That’d be a real bummer.

Not that my tray’s completely uncovered; it has one of those waterproof fabric pull-over things that clip down on the sides. But compared to some of the custom rigs I’ve seen, it’s virtually nothing. Seriously, look into it: they’re all specialised drawers with lights inside them, under-body toolboxes with central locking, and custom-built gas bottle holders. There’s a place for everything.

I wonder if it would take the joy out of packing, or enhance it.