Plumbing Surprise

This morning I am on my way to visit a long lost friend. When I was younger I used to attend summer camps out on the cape. We would spend the days playing various sports, out on the river rowing, cooking and singing by the fire. It was all very picturesque and twee. Every summer I would team up with a boy called Eddie Herder to cause mischief and play pranks on our camp leaders. We’d put mattresses on beds and replace the milk with orange juice. We wouldn’t really speak during the year but every summer we would get back to our old ways as if our lives were built for that purpose. We lost touch as we grew too old for camp and I haven’t seen or heard from Eddie in about thirty years.

Recently I went to visit my daughter in Melbourne and she was having some issues at her house with blocked drains. Brighton has been known to have plumbing issues as it’s one of the older (and most expensive) suburbs close to Melbourne. I hadn’t really intended to spend my time dealing with plumbing issues, after all I don’t get to spend too much time with my daughter these days as she lives so far away. She had made the drain unblocking arrangements around our schedule and we had a wonderful week of exploring the city and spending some real bonding time together. She had some papers she had to sign at work so left me at home one day to deal with the drain cleaning. Melbourne is a bit of an overwhelming city for me so if my daughter is not around I prefer to stay close to her house. I had plans to spend the afternoon watching sport on the TV with a six pack. You can’t begin to imagine the shock on my face when I opened the door to find a team of plumbers clearing the drains! I was so surprised that I dropped the drinks on my foot. Thanks for the heads up my child.