Renovation Innovation Station

I’m quite fond of blogs, given that they can reveal so much about the human mind and even give you a sizzling idea or two, if they happen to be of the informative sort. I follow one blog called ‘Chardonnay: Challenger of the Unknown’, where a lady writes about her adventures with all sorts of things: ghosts, wizards, interdimensional warlords. Oh, it’s all a bit of fun, even though she maintains that it’s real (part of the appeal, I say), but last time she came up with a cracking idea for kitchens in a cupboard, and that got me terribly intrigued.

I must’ve called every kitchen and bathroom renovation company Melbourne can poke a stick at, and they all said the same thing: we’re working on getting our services underwater, but the infrastructure just isn’t there right now. That’s fair enough, but I’m hoping to move my family into a dome beneath the ocean within the year, so when will it be time? Obviously I’m going to have to come up with a few slick designs of my own until the renovators set up shop down there.

Space is going to be an issue. A bathroom in some kind of sliding cupboard would solve my problem just fine, and I think it’s a terrific use of the existing space. How much space does one need in the bathroom, anyway? A shower square, a sink with some storage underneath, dedicated space for the toilet and a bit of legroom, and you’re done. The ‘Euro Bathroom’. Actually, since it was invented here, we could call it the ‘Oz Bathroom’ – somewhat ironic, I suppose, because there’s so much space to be had in Australia, but that adds to the charm.

I have no doubt that, once all the bathroom and kitchen design specialists Melbourne has on its surface relocate underwater, then all these ideas will take off. For now, though, it’s all theory. I might just jump on these renovation ideas while they’re hot. New living space and a new career? Sign me up.