Roadworthy Certificate Victoria

I just bought a car from Western Australia and I am having it transported across the Nullarbor as we speak. I am really excited because it will be here in five days, and in the meantime I am arranging all the services and certificates I need to have to be able to legally drive the car in Victoria.

From my understanding, before I can register the car under my name and get Victorian number plates, I need to get a roadworthy certificate check. Frankston mechanics do them and once I get the certificate I can go straight to my appointment at the local government car registration place and register my car! This whole process should only take a couple of hours, and I’ve got it all booked in for the day after my car arrives. I don’t know if you can tell I’m excited, but I am.

Now, you may be wondering why I decided to purchase a car from Western Australia if it means I have to do all this extra work to be able to drive it in Victoria. The reason for this is the car was just so cheap. It was an absolute steal and I’m still saving money getting everything done according to Victorian law. The car is second hand but is only three years old, with 40,000km on the clock. That’s a bargain and it would have been ridiculous of me to pass it up. The car is so new that it still needs its periodical log book service. There’s no way I would have found a car like this in Victoria.

I will take such good care of it, so that it lasts me well into adulthood. I’m in my early twenties as of right now. My car is so new and good that my friends are impressed that I’ll be driving it. I’ve conveniently forgotten to tell them that it cost the same amount as their older, poorer quality second hand cars. Sometimes you just have to pretend it was a hard slog to buy the car, even though it definitely wasn’t.