Secret air conditioning advice

Sometimes I wonder about the logic in my husband’s brain. He is lucky he is only a dentist and not a housewife. He would not be able to handle such a tough job with so many tasks. He cannot even sort out his business without help. You see, I asked him if he thought about his new dentistry practice getting air conditioning. Canberra is far too warm in summer without proper indoor cooling. We have the building, but the move is still a long way off. Still, it helps to think of the small touches.

I was thinking about how to make the clients more comfortable. I was in a stuffy waiting room with Bella and Arya. The girls were going feral, as there were no toys in the waiting room and they are far too young to be reading women’s magazines. They cannot even read yet, let alone reading the salacious articles in such a magazine. I was using one such magazine to fan myself. The waiting room certainly did not have air conditioning. It did not even have a pedestal fan. They clearly do not care less about comfort, and I doubt I will be returning to that doctor as a result.

I suggested to Pat that he takes care of clients in his new practice by having powerful air conditioning and heating, toys for small children, a decent magazine selection and comfortable chairs. He responded that it was already taken care of. The building has an air conditioner installed, he said. Seeing as the building has been disused for many years, I doubt that the air conditioner is in its best shape. As one of those gossip magazines would say, it is in the worst shape of its life. I told him he would need to get it serviced, and he said that it was fine. Later I saw in his search history that he had looked up getting an air conditioner serviced in Canberra, so at least he is acting in my advice. I am trying to see the best in him, but he can be so blockheaded.