Thanks, Donna!

Probably the most inspiring musical lyrics I ever heard were from She Works Hard for the Money by Donna Summer, from her album with the same title. The lyric that really grabbed me was when Donna Summer sang “She works hard for the money…”

Yeah, that’d be the main one, although when she followed up with “…so hard for it, honey,” I thought that was pretty profound as well. There I was, working hard for the money, but what I could’ve been doing was working smarter for the money. Those lyrics and the message therein changed my life for the better, and now I’ve gone from being a waitress in Melbourne’s last cappuccino bar to owning six houses. I have a meeting with my favourite property advocate in Melbourne about buying my seventh home, and after that I’m going to buy the cappuccino bar and convert it into a cocktail bar, because that’s what all the cool kids are doing. Can’t be a property mogul forever…might as well be a cocktail mogul.

See, I went to a school reunion, saw all my successful friends stepping out to have conversations with their property advocates, and here’s me just working in a cappuccino bar. I lied and said that my family actually invented the cappuccino and I was living as a rich heiress off the inter-generational royalties, but I think they could see through it somehow. Driving home in my car, tears staining my mascara, I heard Donna Summer singing those immortal lyrics, and I decided it was time to reverse my fortune in the most foolproof way possible: the stock market.

Seriously, that thing is the bomb. Although it kind of helps that I put all my life savings into Pineapple before they introduced the world to the smartphone and became the world’s biggest tech giant. It was a guess, but hey, luck favours the…guessing people.

So now I AM the one stepping out to talk to my buyers advocate at parties. I AM the one wearing waterproof mascara and buying homes I fancy like I’m in the confectionary aisle at Joel’s. And it’s all because of Donna Summer, probably.