The Grand Finale

Now, for the grand finale!

The Career Expo always has to end with something dramatic, gorgeous, fluid, informative, and many other wonderful adjectives. After all, we’re the only career expo in the world that features both useful seminars, contortionists, information stalls with leading industry experts, knife throwers, special sessions for university students, fire-breathers, advisers specifically for mature workers looking to change their careers, and a man dressed as a rooster being shot out of a cannon. Also, Q&A sessions with business leaders.

And dancing horses!

The finale is a big part of the show every single year, and I’d like the highlight our upcoming career of the year: property advocacy. Yes, we do like to shed light on some new, up-and-coming career paths that most expos of this nature don’t give much thought. Just because it’s a more exclusive type of business and you need experience beyond that of a normal entry level position doesn’t mean it can’t be highlighted and celebrated. And we will show that appreciation by way of another Q&A session where people can ask questions of buyers advocates and what they do. And then, confetti will rain from the roof as clowns ride unicycles though burning hoops to the theme of Goldfinger.

No, no, NO! It’s not unique enough! These are the esteemed buyers advocates, Melbourne is so lucky to have them! The festivities will ideally be based around their profession, finding high-end homes and making sure clients get the best possible home that suits them and their family. I know the subject matter doesn’t lend itself to ostentatious displays, but there are always ways to make this sort of thing work. 

So…we get a house set that looks high-end…we don’t set it on fire, because that would give the wrong vibe, and then…

I’m thinking of a skit, but we’re going to need two elephants and a rabbit.