The Impossible Project

First they’re bringing back Church Park, and now the Keymore Mansion…again. Throwback, much? Also, people have tried like a dozen times to make something of the Keymore Mansion, and they’ve always been scared off, either by the tentacle monster in the basement or the spooky little girl in the red dress. And sometimes the oozing shadow monster in the attic. There are a ton of stories, all very cool and metal, but you can guarantee that it’s all going to end in tears.

Still a huge push for it, though. They’ve started a blog and an entire Me-Straw channel to document their progress, which I’m following for the same reason anyone watches Eurovision: train wreck goodness. The flavour of the latest update is door replacement, Melbourne’s finest, because somehow installing really good doors is what’s going to get rid of the spooks for good. I’m actually a bit of DIY enthusiast myself, which is why I’m interested in the first place. Been looking into door replacement, so I might as well see people do it in THE toughest gig this side of fitting new window panes to a submarine. 

My bet is on the hinges immediately rusting when they try to fit the door, regardless of how new the hinges were when they were attached. Or maybe they’ll get to the fitting of the door, but the wood will start to rot before their eyes. I’m just glad that actual door fitting and window replacement people aren’t going to get caught up in this, unless they do it in their spare time. This is a hobby-only project, so everyone’s here as a volunteer. 

Should be a great show, regardless of how well it goes, or does not go. I get to watch every update with a bag of popcorn, and I get some great tips on window frame installation in the process. The best thing about everywhere that isn’t the Keymore mansion is that you can have windows installed without glowing green ghosts leaking from the seals.