The Last Bastion

Ugh, Charys… I will have you for my army. Everyone at this filthy peasant school has fallen into line after I bought dims-sims for everyone. Their simple minds were manipulated by the prospect of food, and now I’m everyone’s best friend.

But Charys is a sneaky one. She seems to have seen through my scheme to have my family’s patented ducted heating technology installed in every single home all across Sydney, Australia and then the world (yes, even every home in Africa), and she resists my attempts to buy her with low-quality dumpling products. What else is there to try?

If the ducted heating Sydney locals seem to love so much does not reach 100% coverage, our plan will be a total failure. Thus, our plan cannot proceed if even one person stands in our way. Currently I’m trying to buy people’s loyalties with unhealthy snack food, after which I will invite them to one of my family’s properties for a party. They’ll see how good the ducted heating is there, they will go and tell their families, who will get the ducted heating based upon these first-hand reviews, and then the people around them will become jealous and get the ducted heating as well.

I mean, I know I’m assuming that things work in the same way that I know them to work in my world- if there’s something better than what you already have, or you see someone else with a superior thing, you buy it instantly without thought to cost or logistics- but how different can the common folk be? These are basic instincts to me and everyone in life who I allow within a ten-foot radius, outside of school.

But Charys…she cannot be bought, and is ruining our schemes. If our plan to be among best heating companies Sydney has ever known is to be complete, then I must step up my game. Maybe she enjoys… sausage rolls? A box of fruit roll-ups?

Well, I don’t know what common people like!