The Mirror Maiden

I’m calling it: Mirror Knight Equestria Pony Princess is going to be THE anime of 2019. I was all into Demon Spayer, which had a great deal of promise depicting a guy using his veterinarian mastery to make it so people’s pet demons didn’t run around the neighbourhood having little demon litters, but MKEPP is surpassing it so far. I didn’t even think that was possible! 

There’s just something compelling about the cinematography as the Mirror Knight Pony Princess gallops through the land, on a mission to introduce glass window frosting for offices within her kingdom. Not only is window glass frosting a stylish alternative to tinting, an attractive interior design feature and also a method of creating privacy for various things such as meeting rooms, it also serves as a shield against a world of terrible mirror gremlins, who at any moment can crawl out of a window (the world in which they live) and steal people’s stuff, like glasses left lying around, pens and quills, single socks and that one time when they stole forty-one cakes, the greatest crime of all.

The brave mirror knight is the only one who can save people from this menace, by way of installing frosted window glass. She can also call upon the power of tinted window glass, but she’s not very good at it yet, and is currently seeking out the secret tinted glass magician of the mountains in order to learn the art. 

Look, I know gremlins aren’t real, but them crawling out of windows and stealing stuff makes way too much sense. I lose single socks all the time, and also pens, and even really important stuff like my Pretty Car Dealer Sailor Hoon wall scroll that I got from Bad-Man 2018. I swear I rolled it up and put in my cupboard, but when I finally cleared some space off my wall to hang it up, it was gone. Taken by the gremlins!

I need to find a really good Melbourne company for window tinting, although most of them seem to just do offices. Just like the mirror knight.