The Right Bag

Social media influencers, man. It sure is a weird world that we’re living in. Child-Free Bambino just uploaded a new music video – This Is Moldova- where he basically just walks through a set filled with replicas of Moldova’s famous landmarks, and now tourism in that country has gone up over 600% overnight. Overnight!

What if his music video had been titled Everyone Should Throw Rocks at Cars or something? Would there be storms of people throwing rocks at moving vehicles because Child-Free Bambino said it was okay? It reminds me of that whole brown leather bag craze in the seventies, except that was a TV show where the main character spent an entire episode climbing around inside a big slouchy bag, and there were seven seasons of goodwill before it got to that point. A social media influencer just has to put up an Instant-Gram post with them flashing a handbag of some kind and it sells out in minutes. And what do people get out of it? Nothing. They just get to be like everyone else.

I’m not the type to be buying and carrying around an on-trend handbag, but if I was, then you can bet that I’d be choosing something that suited me. You know – something in my favourite colour, big enough to hold my tablet but small enough that it doesn’t feel like I’m swinging around a great big club of a thing. I like the idea of one of those big statement bags that seem like they could hold an entire computer monitor, keyboard and tower combo, but they’re not very ‘me’. Small, soft leather shoulder bags are more my style – in a nice forest green, and with magnetic clasps to boot. I’m not undoing buckles every single time I want tissues. I’ve seen people wrestling with their massive, ungainly shoulder bags, and I nope to that. Don’t sacrifice convenience for fashion as dictated by these so-called influencers.