The Surfer Look

Chad’s hair was always fine. He’s got that surfer look…the one where it’s clear that they just rolled out of bed, but their hair is so thick and wavy that it just works for them. I kinda struggle to wrangle my hair into what I want it to be, so seeing him come and go from our share house all the time looking exactly the same? When he’d been to work, or the gym? Kinda jealous.

But then, all of a sudden, he DOES start taking care of his hair. At first I though his girlfriend must have gotten him onto it, but then it became clear that he did all of this by himself.

I’m just sitting there in the kitchen, trying to eat my evening cereal in peace, and there’s Chad talking my ear off about finding an Aveda hair salon because he’s started to get split ends and his hair is so thick that he needs quality product. Honestly, I can’t remember half of what he said; he may as well have been talking to himself for all I understood. Aveda is some sort of cruelty-free product, of the beauty variety. It does stuff for your hair, I guess, and now Chad is dead-set on finding himself a great salon that uses it so he can have that silky-smooth feel in his tresses. Or so he says.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s started walking around the house in a dressing gown and rollers in his hair. Also, hair product…something that smells like berries. I asked Chad, and he said that all the best hair salons in Melbourne were into the berry scent, and he had to keep it in there for at least an hour so he could smell like berries all day.

So…yeah. If you ever need to find Chad, just look for the hair salon open for appointments at St James Place where you can smell berries the strongest. He’s probably in there with more of his Chad mates.