To The Sea!

Alright, yeah, treasure hunting is a little bit silly. But my mum said I needed a hobby, and I really like the fresh air. And where is the air fresher than out on the ocean blue? I’m assuming that’s the case, anyway; the air could be the freshest on a farm, or on the top of a skyscraper, or on a mountain, or in your living room. Maybe this whole ‘sea air’ thing is a lot of bunk, but I do like the fresh odour.

Gosh, there I go again – saying the weirdest things, and that’s why I don’t have any friends.

But when you’re in a club, you don’t need friends. Not at first. You’re there and they can’t kick you out for being a bit weird. Then you grow on them in time, and then, my plan will be complete!

So yeah, good plan. Just wish I was a bit more of a stainless steel marine fabrication specialist. Melbourne has plenty of them and all, but if I knew my stuff, I could jump right into this with both feet. I’ve tried researching the evidence for there being hidden treasure underneath the bay of Melbourne, and there’s like… nothing. No information available whatsoever. So I went for the next best thing and started to research marine fabrication, because that’s happening in Melbourne right now and it’s fascinating.

You can make almost anything out of stainless steel, of course. Gates, sinks, rails, jails, pails, sails… actually, not the last one, but anything you want to look all metallic and shiny can be fabricated, no problem. It seems to be really popular for boats, though. It’s very ‘in’, I guess because it’s resistant to sea air. No more having to look after wooden pirate ships and having the cabin boy scrape barnacles off the hull.

I guess that’ll be me: cabin boy. I’ll be polishing the stainless steel fishing rod holders until I move up a bit and become ‘Deputy Executive Assistant to the Assistant Who Hands People Towels When They Resurface’.

And then… profit. Uh, I mean… friends.