Too Much Grey

I’m getting kind of sick of my bathroom. I go in there every day and look at the grey tiles, the silver taps, the silver sink. It’s all just grey and silver. It’s so boring. The only problem is that I’m renting and I’m not in the financial position to move somewhere else. So for now at least, I’m stuck with this bathroom.

I’d love to give it some flair, some pizzazz. A bit of green or yellow, red and blue. Anything to make it feel more lively. It really does feel like time for me to get a new bathroom theme going on, but it’s hard when you can’t renovate. What I really want is to get an ocean theme working, but grey really isn’t the best colour for it. At least if the tiles were white I could make it work. Would the landlord really mind that much if I tore up their entire bathroom and renovated it? I guess so, plus it would probably cost me the bond.

Besides, the cost of renovations would be more expensive than moving into another rental. So, I’ll just have to settle for finding a cool bathroom design around Melbourne that I can be inspired by. I’m up for anything, really. Maybe I could go with a space theme since I’ve got all this grey and silver to work with anyway. I suppose that could be kind of cool. I’m not a huge fan of space, personally, but at least it would be something more exciting to the eyes. I could put some stars and planets on the walls.

I’m not really sure what else I could do. Why the bathroom was designed with such dark colours in the first place is a mystery to me. I don’t necessarily think that grey and silver are bad colours for a bathroom, but there needs to be a balance. With some white, it can work great.

Wait, I think that’s it! I just need to add some white to my bathroom. White rugs, soap, towels. That could solve all my issues.