Velour Tracky-Daks

So, uh, regarding this 00s revival thing. Are we ready for peak ironic-chic? Yes? Good, because it’s here in the return of the velour tracksuit, complete with ostentatious branding and rhinestones across the butt.

Now, you might be surprised to hear this, but this one trend that we can actually get behind. At least these things were comfortable.

Tasteful? Maybe not, if I can rely on recollections of my 14 year-old self giggling unsympathetically at the various celebrities snapped in their designer daks. As I recall, they’d invariably be clutching an iced coffee as big as their head as they sleepily attempted to navigate airport paparazzi unscathed. They were probably having a difficult time, in retrospect.

Tasteful? No. But objectively comfortable? Yeah. No doubt.

If you’re planning to go there, don’t forget the pastel ugg boots and oversized sunglasses. Oh, and the trashy coffee. It’s all about that, really.