Wedding Party Woes

My sister Janelle is getting married next week, and she hasn’t booked a hair stylist yet. That’s super typical of her, but also I can’t believe it. More to the point, I can’t believe we’re related. If I was about to be the focal point of that many people at once, there’s no way I’d be doing it without head-to-toe professional styling. I can’t imagine how anyone could feel otherwise about it.

But then, we’ve always been different in that way. I’ve wondered if it has anything to do with Janelle being a competitive ballroom dancer. For ages I thought it was weird that she didn’t seem to care about hair and makeup outside of the competition floor – I mean, I figured she ought to be even more into it than the average Jolene. Now I kind of get it, though. She gets enough of the spotlight and glamour fix when she’s competing, so she doesn’t have much need for it in daily life.

It’s her wedding, though. I just can’t seem to accept her preference to go DIY on this. I even told her I’d pay for her to use my guy in St James Place, hair salons not being her area of expertise, but she rejected this generous offer. Her friend Tegan has a really good blow dryer, apparently, and that’s good enough for her. What about me, though? I’m in the wedding party too, you know. If Janelle doesn’t recruit a pro stylist, it’s going to affect me as well.

Upon reflection, it’s possible that I’m making this just a little too much about me – it can’t be denied that I care about how I’m going to look in the wedding photos. With that in mind, I suppose I should just book myself in at my choice of hair salon. David Jones has very nice one, and we’re going there on the weekend to pick up the groom’s suspenders (yep, they’re doing that whole pastoral vintage thing… cringe worthy, I know).

Anyway, this is Janelle’s day, so I’m going to make an effort to shut up about it.