Fashion Trends is a tongue-in-cheek brainchild of Jeanette Del Toro and Phil ‘Pickles’ McGraw. This globetrotting duo take caring for for their peers to new heights, putting their own top spot in the fashion stakes on the line to share a life-changing secret: that no one really knows what’s going on with fashion. Not designers or magazine editors, nor commentators, stylists or Hollywood actors. Therefore – or so these two sartorial crusaders vehemently believe – there is no possible way to get it wrong. How can you screw it up if nobody knows what you’re doing?

JDT is a critically acclaimed fashion commentator and writer, having penned several books including Avant Guard: Security Personnel in Fashion Design, At Ease: Military- Inspired Loungewear and Goth Never Dies. She was a ghost writer behind bestselling autobiography Esther Panthrop: Full Thropple, and contributed to the cult smash Encyclopedia of the Handbag.

Pickles is a personal stylist best known (in certain circles) for influencing a certain European royal in the wearing of solid gold chainmail for her 50th birthday soiree. He works with the cream of British film and theatre personalities, loathes fast fashion, and has an an affinity for ridiculous handheld accessories. Most recently, he broke the fashion internet auctioning a sceptre hand-felted entirely from his pet rabbits’ hair and finished with thousands of antique glass beads. Is he for real? Our guess is as good as yours.