Windows On The Bus

It’s always interesting catching the bus at peak hour. ‘Interesting’ is one word for it, anyway. I can think of a few others that are just as descriptive – ‘trying’, ‘taxing’ and ‘boring’, for example. Nobody (myself included) wants to talk or even make eye contact, except a select few who invariably have some neurotic problem they’re keen to discuss.

Today’s case in point: Amanda, 35, from Preston, can’t decide whether to get her windows tinted over winter. Then, she tells me, she won’t have to worry about it once  the UV rays roll back around. She always forgets, apparently, and then ends up making her nephews wear sunscreen inside the house.

Well, Amanda, what can I tell you? If want to tint your windows, knock yourself out. It seems like a perfectly fine idea, but what people do with their windows is entirely up to them, as far as I’m concerned. She’s still on about it, though, subtly pestering me for a response while I pretend to search the internet for advice (I’m actually typing this post into my notes app).

What can I tell her? I guess I do have experience with a commercial window tinting company. Melbourne summers being the way they are, my workplace recently had a tinting film installed on some of the windows. It was a good move on the level of staff not getting fried, but then I didn’t have to pay for it or anything, so I can’t exactly advertise it with authority. The company probably doesn’t do residential stuff, anyway.

Oh heck. Now she’s asking me about window frosting services. Isn’t that more something you’d see in offices? She wants it for privacy from her nosy neighbours, she says, but I’m starting to think she’s just out for a bit of attention.

Maybe I’ll just go along with it – you know, turn the questions back on her and find out what it really is that she wants to discuss. I’m 85% sure it’s not window films.